Terms for Rent a Car
- Unlimited mileage
- Local taxes
- Insurance (Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, Third Party Liability)
- Airport Surcharge
- 24 Hour Road assistance
- The Lessee should have valid driving license with driving experience not less than 3 years; 
- For foreigners – valid international driving license; 
- The Lessee should have valid identification card, for foreigners having temporary registration – temporary residence permit, for guests and tourists – passport.
- There are age limits for cars should between 23-65 otherwise given with driver. 

- Total amount for car rent includes: 
• taxes; 
• unlimited millages; 
• Mandatory Third Party Liability (MTPL)  
- The payment may be made in cash or by card systems: Visa, VisaElectron, Master Card 
- On rent the Lessee should deposit according to automobile category 300 AZN (for damages and theft).

The Customer is fully responsible for all road rules violation. In case of such violation happen, the customer is obligated to visit the State Road police and pay all fines caused by violations. 

Mandatory Third Party Liability (MTPL): 
- All automobiles are insured on the civil liability risk. 
- The insurance does not cover cases if the automobile was used with breach of rent-a-car contract and/or insurance terms. Such cases are: transportation of dangerous and flammable substances, driving a car in alcoholic or drug intoxication or refusal to pass alcohol test, etc. In these cases the Lessee is liable for traffic accident. 
- In the case of vehicles used for non-road and hunting purposes, insurance is not valid, the responsibility of the tenant.

- Exit of automobile beyond the borders of Azerbaijan is prohibited, given only with driver.

Order should be cancelled 24 hours prior booking date and rent time. 
If the order is cancelled less than 24 hours prior booking – the customer will be charged for 50 % of daily rent 
The Lessor is entitled to reject potential Lessee’s request for car rent without explanation prior to conclusion of contract (even if the booking has been already made). 

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